👋 Hi, I'm Carter.

Nice to meet you.

First things first. My blog is the meat and potatoes of this here smorgasbord, you should check it out, maybe you'll find something interesting. Not much happens on this page, aside from introductions, but if you're interested in that sort of thing, read on.

I'm a software engineer, musician and adventurer splitting my time between Anchorage, AK, Grand Marais, MI and Lyons, CO. I'm currently at Broadly which acquired my previous company, about.me. Check me out there at carterbancroft.me.

I love reading and if you're interested in some good books, look here.

I'm a Software Engineer 🖥️

Specifically a backend engineer with a slight tilt in the DevOps direction. My day to day work revolves around Node.js, MongoDB, AWS and the like. I spend my time at Broadly/about.me helping to build out the product APIs and trying to make things just a little more reliable.

Before that I spent some time freelancing after a 5 year stint building GIS web applications at Resource Data, Inc. And, before that it was all computer science degree all the time.

In my spare cycles I'm interested in coding that's not web development. Things like cryptography, programming languages and paradigms, video game development (someday) and struggling to relearn all those computer science concepts you forgot the day after the exam.

I'm a Musician 🎻

I do my best at a variety of styles and instruments. I play Old Time fiddle, banjo and mandolin in a string band called Big Chimney Barn Dance. We were recently fortunate enough to complete a 3 week tour of Wales and Ireland and I think the people over there even enjoyed listening to us. Prior to Big Chimney I played in a bluegrass band called High Lonesome Sound for quite a long time. I suppose the band technically still exists... we just haven't played a show in years.

I also dabble in Gypsy Jazz guitar and have been playing with an Anchorage based swing group called The Hot Club of Nunaka for 7 or 8 years now. HCON has been playing the Anchorage REI Festivus Party for over 10 years and running!

My guilty pleasures are metal guitar, terrible pop music and EDM. I wish I had more opportunity to play that stuff.

My partner Natalie is an incredible musician, good enough to thrive at it professionally. You should buy some of her albums at nataliepadillamusic.com

I'm an Adventurer ⛰️

I grew up in Northern Michigan and was fortunate to be surrounded by a family who instilled within me a love of the outdoors. I moved to Alaska over 10 years ago because in my mind it had to be the most outdoorsy place a person could be and still be in the United States. I think I was right.

I spend my free weekends and evenings trying not to break an ankle in the Chugach and the Talkeetnas (near Hatcher Pass). In the fall, I head back to Michigan, spending my days on the shores of Lake Superior.

A couple years ago I began digging into mountaineering and during the summer of 2018 I achieved a long time dream of attempting to climb Denali, North America's highest peak. Unfortunately the weather wouldn't let us pass 14,000 feet but I was just so happy to be there. Perhaps someday I'll try again.

I also love skateboarding. Someday I'll be mediocre at it.