What I'm Doing Now

Last updated on 5/2/24

This is my "now" page. Inspired by Derek Sivers. You should make your own. I also have a profile on nownownow.com.

Here's what I'm up to...

Planning a Tour

I play in an Old Time Stringband called Big Chimney Barn Dance and we're heading out on tour this month. The first gig is May 24th in London at The Green Note. This is our second time back to the UK and Ireland and this time around we'll be there playing music for close to a month.

It's been a long and fun process but things are coming together nicely. I can't wait.

Tour details are on our website. Perhaps we'll see you there?

Rehairing Violin Bows

I took a course last August to learn how to rehair violin bows. First and foremost to do my own since it's kinda tough here in Anchorage. However, I'm starting to ramp up to a point where I can charge for it.

I'm finding it to be a real challenge but I'm getting better. I'm only done 18 rehairs at this point but I'm excited to get that number up.

Teaching Music Lessons

I have a few students and am teaching guitar and fiddle both in person and over video chat. I'll also be teaching at a music camp this summer in Cordova, AK and hope to pick up more camp teaching gigs.

Playing Music

Aside from practicing for the tour I'm playing a lot of music for myself. Right now I'm working mostly on fiddle. I'm particulary enjoying the challenge of notier tunes from the likes of Kenny Baker and Art Stamper.

Building a small app

There's an app I need. I think other people would find value in it but, if not, I'll at least get use out of it. I'll tell you more as time roles on.

I'm using it as an excuse to learn some new tech and am building it with Deno and htmx. Likely some other more familiar tech in their too... Postgres, Docker, etc.

Making art

I'm still filling sketchbooks and feel so great to have rediscovered art. The main change is that I took a painting class and I've been trying to dial in some skills with gouache. I'm devoting less time to this than the above right now but it's still always there.

Aside from sketchbooks, most recently I made some band merch art for the tour.


I may be taking on a small amount of freelance tech work. We'll see how it plays out but it could be an interesting project so I'm cautiously excited about it.