What I'm Doing Now

This is my "now" page. Inspired by Derek Sivers. You should make your own.

This will be updated over time to reflect what I'm up to right now. Here's the current situation:

Keeping about.me alive

I work as a contractor maintaining about.me (here's my page). Not much actual coding to do on it these days but the DevOps work is endless. I'm one of just a few engineers left who have knowledge of the system and the inclination to work on it.

Building a small SaaS product

I'm sussing out an idea and trying to build a prototype. It will probably fail but I'll learn a lot from it no matter what happens. I've spent a ton of time working for companies and building other people's visions. Dabbling in entrepreneurship and focusing on my own vision is where I see the most room for future growth.


I grew up drawing and thought I'd be a professional artist until I discovered computers, then I quit almost entirely for about 20 years. I've finally come full circle and I'm hooked again. I'm focusing on it as much as possible when I'm not coding.

Maintaining This Blog

I want to continue to write and share ideas. I shoot for three posts a month but I don't beat myself up if I fail.